Thursday, July 10, 2014

Lust and trust and other stuff

In my last post, someone commented that it would be a problem for their S.O to stare at/comment on another woman's boo-tay because lusting is a sin and so on and so forth. But my question is, what is lusting? Are we insinuating that a booty can not be appreciated without there being some sexusl component there? I mean, no one is going to accuse you of lustful thoughts if you comment on someone's eyes or hairdo. So why is it automatically assumed that if you comment on someones ass (or boobs or abs or even their genitals if for some non-sexual reason you see em) its because your mind is flooded with dirty thoughts? I may make dirty comments here for comedic value but honestly I cant remember the last time I saw some flesh and literally started letting my thoughts and loins run away to fantasyland...

I struggle with the concept of trust. Not hecause I find it difficult to trust people. Its actually just a really stupid idea to me lol. Im not saying you should live your life expecting the absolute woret from everyone, but...this whole idea of a person being worthy of your trust just because they havent (as far as you know) effed you over...YET. If thats the caee, yhen everyone is trustworthy until they're not. All I can say is I dont put anything past anyone.

I think I should have listened to Ginger and taken up being a eex therapist ofvsome sort because I have been analyzing quite a few ppl lately and my analysis has been right on the nose. Something to think about.

So...I stole this vapor/hookah-ish thing from my friend, not realizing that the stuff you put in it has nicotine in I thihkn im a smoker now lol

I hope everyone had a happy 4th (if youre stateside...otherwise im sure it was just another day for you). Mine was...interesting, idk if it was interesting...yeah, interesting.

Sit tight folks, the weekend is almost here!

Friday, June 27, 2014

Would this be a problem for you?

So i'm sitting, chillin...plotting on how to take over the world when a guy friend of mine walks past. He doubles back and stops at my door and starts telling me about how his chick is mad at him AGAIN. Slightly amused, i asked, well- what did you do?

Turns out, him and his chick had been sitting down watching tv when all of a sudden a chick with a ample sized derriere appeared on the screen. Dude says aloud: Damn, shorty got a fat ass! He is then met with the stank eye coupled with the silent treatment. A silent treatment which was only briefly punctuated by the words: you clearly don't know whats ok to say to me.

Now...i just giggled. Because that wouldn't be a problem for me. Hell, i've been with significant others and seen a fat ass attached to another human being walk right past us and said damn babe, look at her ass! Ain't no thang to me. I've been with dudes who try to play it off like they ain't looking, and even verbally "confirm" that they are good with what they are walking with (i.e: me) and i'd still say 1) you lyin, 2) i don't care if you looking- im lookin too.

So my question is, and i guess its mostly to the womenfolk, would this be an issue for you? Would you genuinely be upset about your significant other checking out another woman's booty (or any other body part)?

Friday, June 20, 2014

The shot seen 'round the world

I saw this pretty early in the day yesterday (or maybe the day before, i don't remember):
felons can be cute too

But i never would have thought it would have blown up the way it did lol.

He is fine as hell tho. Just gorgeous. And for the life of me, idk why negros seems to have an issue with the fact that a slew of women, particularly of the black/brown variety, we willing to auction off imaginary children and sacrifice hypothetical freedoms to get a piece of it. Being a criminal might make you a less attractive life partner but the loins want what the loins want lol.

I personally prefer the other internet sensation of the moment:
got me rethinking my feelings about white ppl with dreads

Now this man is a delicious looking piece of man. Good heavens. And the body on dude...
pardon me as i wipe the drool from my chin

Tell me you wouldn't slap ya mama to lick the sweat off those abs! Oh, is it just me? Ok then. (._. )